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Look at these beauties at the Han Couture show!
I felt the now-rarely-seen Asian grace from an ancient civilization so freshly presented — and that moved me.

Too bad that my camera run out of battery after just half of the show.

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Enjoyed the Han Couture (Traditional Chinese) Fashion Show in the weekend.
It was held at the Prince George Ballroom on 28th Street, part of NTDTV’s
first Global Han Couture Design Competition.

Here are some of the photos that I took:

See the full gallery on Jillianna’s posterous Blog

Saw the announce of the PollDaddy functionality today – something I’d definitely try out.

But what impress me even more is this group photo of wordperss team:

The group photo of wordpress team from PollDaddy annoucement

The group photo of wordpress team from PollDaddy annoucement

Handsome group indeed! – it reminds me of my days working as a software developer years ago with a equally fabulous team. Too bad that I no longer have a group photo from back then. ( but somehow I feel great teams look similar. 🙂 You can almost tell the closeness and brightness of the group from the picture, and the warms and energy beaming! )

Here is my test of the PollDaddy function :-).

I am having a great fun. Thanks, wordpress!

… from here: http://webwise.wordpress.com/2008/08/07/squidoo/

Will do some of that in the future!

It is interesting that every time I come to wordpress.com, within 3 clicks I run across some beautiful things. 🙂

Today, it is Pete Wilson’s “Family on Beach” :

Pete Wilsons Family Photo

Pete Wilson's Family Photo (Click to go to his link)

Look at the big smile of every one in the picture, particularly the 3 kids! ! look at the natural yet picture-perfect post of everyone and combination of all !!

This is indeed a “picture perfect” family’s picture-perfect moment!

This is a photo that can cheer people up!

Life as a journey of discovering the beauty in & of people…

appreciate them, love them, be moved & inspired by them, and share them...

I am compiling a “Health Recovery Gift-package”

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